Custom Inscriptions

Custom Inscriptions in Action!

We have 20+ years experience in hand carving inscriptions into stone, creating lead lettering and working with 23ct Gold Leaf.

Using the same techniques and methods as ancient artisans have done for eons, we can truly replicate or add text to an existing handcrafted memorial, as each letter is hand drawn and carved to create a genuinely unique inscription.

While some stonemasons can only offer a limited approach using a computer-cut letter that can rarely match an existing hand drawn inscription, we proudly provide expert craftsmanship and customisability where we can ensure you of a perfectly matching additional inscription.

How is the inscription added to the memorial?

Our inscriptions – whether new or additional – are second to none as we either hand draw or use computers and machines to replicate the existing inscription (whichever method is required). We then supply a scale draft of the proposed inscription prior to engraving, for your approval or amendment.

Guarantee of Stonemasonry Workmanship
Inscription Bank

Inscription Bank

For your peace of mind and to ensure exact matches, we keep a detailed record of all our inscriptions in a large data bank for any future reference and additional engraving.

Artisan Applications

There are many inscription applications we can use to create what you are envisioning, including Raised Lead, Hand Carved, Inlaid Lead, Sand Blasted and Bronze. 

Artisan Application examples for Custom Inscriptions

Our Latest Work

View our latest custom inscriptions. This showcase is a small example of the different inscription options we have to offer, as well as some examples of customised inscriptions to match the existing typography on a memorial.

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