Single & Double Memorials

We provide high quality, customised single and double memorials across Victoria.

Custom Inscriptions

A custom inscription engraved on the headstone can leave provision for any future inscriptions. For your peace of mind, we keep all our inscriptions in a large data bank for any future reference and additional graving.

Single Memorials

Single memorials cover one burial plot and can have up to 3 internments depending on the burial site depth itself.

Double Memorials

Double memorials cover two burial plots side by side. They usually have up to 2 interments in each plot, however, they can have up to 3 interments in each plot depending on the burial site depth itself.

Our Latest Work

View our latest custom designed single and double memorials. This showcase is a small example of the different combinations of textures, typography and form we can use to create something truly unique.

Our Process

While the products we produce through expert stonemasonry is different for every customer, the process remains the same. Find out what to expect when working with us.

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We would love to help you through this process of commemorating the life of your loved one with a custom memorial. Please contact us today.