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Lawn Memorials

Lawn Memorials

We provide high quality, customised lawn memorials across Victoria.

What are lawn memorials?

Lawn memorials consist of a headstone and a base. They can vastly differ in height and design dependent on the individual cemetery regulations and the family’s individual needs.
Step 5. In-House Works Begin

Design & Size

Most cemeteries have size regulations for lawn memorials. We can help you navigate these regulations and choose a design and size to suit the plot area within your chosen cemetery.

Custom Inscriptions

We have 20+ years experience in hand carving inscriptions into stone, creating lead lettering and working with 23ct Gold Leaf. You can find out more about our custom inscriptions.

Our latest work

View our latest custom designed lawn memorials. This showcase is a small example of the different combinations of textures, typography and form we can use to create a unique and lasting lawn memorial for your loved one.

Our Process

While the products we produce through expert stonemasonry are different for every client, the process remains relatively the same. Find out what to expect when working with us.

Ready to get in touch?

We would love to help you through this process of commemorating the life of your loved one with a custom lawn memorial. Please contact us today.